Saturday, October 3, 2009

El último día

These dragonflies live only for a season, but every new season, they exist again. I've looked at them for years and they're always the same, exact copies of one another, precisely like their parents in every detail. It could be said that, from a dragonfly perspective, they see each other as individuals, but as for my point of view, they're interchangeable. From their perspective, they live complete lives: they start as eggs, then they swim in the pond as larvae, and finally they dart about as flying adults. But to me they simply reappear, they reincarnate when the whether turns warm.

Now you take me, for instance, 137 years old and barely able to walk. It's fair to say, I've lived. It's fair to say, I've danced all I had to dance. I've had my fun. You would think I'm ready to let go of life and put this ugly body on the ground to rot. You would think I had time enough to do whatever I set up to do when I realized that something has to be done with a lifetime. But I'm not ready, no sir, I still have many things to do. I've wanted to accomplish something distinct and extraordinary, but in all these years, I have not yet managed to do so. And even at my advanced age, I do not now how near or how far I am from attaining my remarkable thing. Now I won't live much longer and, likely, I'll die frustrated. I've lived my season, sir, and I will not come back.

Size: 2.75" x 3.5"
Year: 2006
Media: Watercolor
Price: Part of a larger piece. Not sold separately.



The teeth are entrancing in their oddness. They look like they are part of the face because they are the same color as the face. They are not things inside the mouth. That is unsettling. Speaking of dragonflies I was riding my bike yesterday down empty country roads, riding at a high speed because I was going downhill, and this dragonfly flew into my face and then roll off and continued flying. It was a solid hit.

Luis Coig Reyes said...

That's wild! I'm glad you both survived the impact. For my part, I was hit in the face by a dead pigeon a few days ago. I was passing under a low tree with my son in my arms and we startled a hawk we didn't was there and he dropped the pigeon he was eating on our faces. Maybe nature is trying to tell us something.

I must clarify that it didn't happen in Brooklyn but in a street in Oakland. We're spending a few days in California now. That's why I haven't been posting.


The Hawk population in Brooklyn, if there is one, must be pretty scarce. Enjoy your time away from the blog.

Luis Coig Reyes said...

Well, there is a red-tail hawk in Park Slope that I've seen a few times.